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Course Outlines:

The courses below has their own course description in the course content section of the courses. Each student should anticipate 1-2 hours of study in each module to complete the content testing sections. Click on the “See More” tab to get started with your selected course.

Courses teach on building concepts and business practices in Oregon. Once in the course menu you will create a student account or login to your existing account to get started. If you have any questions please email: [email protected]

Testing and Grading Performance 

Each student will create their own online account where they can log in and continue their education at any time. This allows the student to learn when they have any free time during the day to pick up where they left off last time .

Once a student completes the video training section they will be able to take the test that goes with the content they just studied. If students successfully pass the test to the course they are enrolled in, they will be able to download their Course Completion Certificate documents. 

If the student fails they will have 3 more attempts before having to reapply.

Attendance, Cancellations and Refunds Policy 

There are no cancellations or refunds available for our courses as described in the course summary. Attendance will be verified by course completion and self-participation requirements. All sales are final unless Instructor fails to provide courses as described.

If anyone has questions, concerns or complaints please email: [email protected]. We will contact you back within 2 business days. 

Classes offered below are approved for Oregon Construction Contractors Board and Landscape Contractors Board Continuing Education Credit!


SRA2579/2635 – CBA 975: Complete Contractor Series

Approved for Oregon CCB/LCB CEH 11/17 Credit Hour Live Course. This is a business administrations course that will be offered at LBCC and OSU in the Winter of 2024′. On campus there will be a series of modules taught in a classroom setting, teaching business administration and entrepreneurship for contractors.

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SRA2610 CTS-745: Fundamentals of Hardscaping

Approved for Oregon LCB and CCB CEH 16 Credit Hour Live Course. This is an onsite building workshop that will offered on the American Trade Secrets Campus. Here you will learn the basics and intermediate skills sets for designing and building outdoor hardscapes.

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SRA2474 Module 10.3: Engineering a Segmental Retaining Wall

 2 Hours

Approved Oregon LCB and CCB CEH 2 Credit Hour Online Course. Learn the fundamentals of basic segmental retaining wall installation. Using industry standard development techniques, this course will help you understand the phonics of retaining walls.

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